Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review - Human Decomposition - 'Wormhole Prototype EP'

Who is ready for a slam record ? 'Wormhole Prototype' is a must listen if you are into slam. The EP is a perfect blend in of brutality and destruction and it ensure the delivery of slam death to terrorize you with insane vocals and super hammering riffs accompanied by insane drumming with a heavy bass line. Human Decomposition hails from Mexico, and they have injected their flavor to the record and I bet the record is neatly composed which definitely will satisfy you with all your pleasure of having orgasm.

The record redefined the slamming brutal death genre for me, I really enjoyed the variations of tempo and the quick technical touches in their songs. So if you are in slam, this is another record which should be added in your collection. The fun is its really addictive and you won't realize when you will finish listening to it and already hit that replay button. Order it today ! Keep Smashing \m/

You can check it here :

and also can order it and support the band.

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